I am currently battling MD, DPD, and EDNOS...

My EDNOS is at it's worst, I have decided I am going to starve my way through wegithloss. I am a tennis player and am a big part of the JROTC's Drill Team, both exhibition and regular. I really have a body image issue, I honestly hate myself and the way I look, I want it to change. I work out alot and never see results, I also diet as in eating healthy and not as much. NONE OF IT WORKS! So about a little more than a year ago I began to crycle through "fasting" basically starving myself for weightloss. I still battle it and I know I will probably get nasty responses but I plan to continue to do this until I am perfect. I am starting back "fasting" tomorrow, and will continue until the school year starts on the 27th. my birthday is coming up on the 17th and that will be the only day I eat until school. I want to pass out at practices, I want to feel the weakness, the emptiness, the weightless. I will be perfect one day,  I will be amazing, and beautiful.

XOXO Brendi

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